Red currant muffins

It was the first Great British Bake Off last week and because eating a bake while watching it is almost mandatory me and my mum got baking.

Mum had brought lots of red currants and blackberries home from her allotment so I decided to make red currant muffins and mum baked a blackberry flapjack cake (flapjack base, blackberry filling with sponge over the top), I’ve posted a picture of mum’s at the bottom of this post.

Vegan Red Currant Muffins

Vegan Red Currant Muffins

I made these red currant cupcake-muffins before from this fab recipe from Kitchen Heals Soul, but with half wholemeal flour and less sugar. I was planning to use the same recipe again, however, my mum’s so used to me baking vegan that she used up all the eggs in her blackberry cake assuming I wouldn’t need them! This meant that at the last minute I had to adapt the recipe. I substituted a vinegar, baking powder and water mix for the eggs, which is my favourite way to substitute in muffins and cupcakes.

They turned out fine. My parents both liked them, although my dad said that he’d have “preferred them without the peanuts” (he meant almonds) but they were a bit heavy for me. Last year they were so perfect I think I might have just been being overly critical though! Next time I’ll stick with all white flour if I use an egg replacement to avoid heaviness.

I bought some decaf Earl Grey last week so have been drinking it in mugfuls since (yum), so I watched the Bake Off with my muffins and a teapot of Earl Grey. I can’t believe how much I’ve missed this programme <3. How does watching a programme of people baking make such entertaining watching?

As always when I watch it I came away wanting to make almost everything I’ve seen. I’ve never made a Swiss roll so wanted to make one, but was slightly intimidated by all the contestants’ perfect rolls! However a Facebook friend’s photo of her attempt – roll shaped but very much imperfect – made me decide to give it a go and I made one yesterday! I’m quite proud of the result. I’ll post some photos of it tomorrow. For now here’s my mum’s Blackberry cake (yummy with icecream!).

Blackberry Flapjack Cake

Blackberry Flapjack Cake


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