A very chocolatey Swiss roll

On Sunday I made my first ever Swiss roll inspired by The Great British Bake Off! I’ve never made a Swiss roll before and looked for a vegan recipe online. I was disappointed to read that apparently a good vegan Swiss roll recipe is almost as difficult to find as a vegan meringue recipe. I did find a few yule log recipes, and figuring this was just a chocolate Swiss roll I decided to use the Buche De Noel (Yule-Log Cake Roll) recipe posted here.

I was watching an episode of BBC’s Merlin (I’ve just started watching series one) when I was making it so wasn’t concentrating and accidentally doubled the amount of cocoa the recipe asked for (opps!) so ended up with a very chocolately roll. I thought that a light coloured filling would show up the swirls I was optimistically hoping for so filled it with coconut cream. While it definitely isn’t as perfect as the contestants’ rolls, I’m quite impressed with myself! I had kinda expected it to crumble apart in my hands. I think it would certainly be identified as a Swiss roll!


It’s definitely split a bit, which happened when I unwrapped it after cooling to put the filling in, but I’m quite pleased with the end result! You can see how it’s splitting in the picture below. That tea towel was utterly COVERED in chocolate by the end.

Pre-filled Swiss roll

Before filling the Swiss roll

It’s extremely heavy and rich so the light coconut filling doesn’t quite work. I’d use the same recipe again, but maybe cook it for a wee bit longer and fill it with a more rich filling like coffee or chestnut. If you were looking for a heavy, chocolate kick it would be perfect. Looking forward to this week’s Bake Off now :)


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